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Jennifer Jean Okumura

She grew up in Philadelphia and attended Syracuse University in addition to receiving her MFA from Boston University. She has a strong comprehensive knowledge of the Art Market: Modern and Contemporary Art, with diverse and extensive Fine Art experiences as an Operations Manager, Fine Art Consultant, Design Associate, Adjunct Educator at the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, coFounder of Art Advising Group Invoke Contemporary with Diana Stelin the Founding member of DTR Modern, and currently sits on the board as President and founding Exhibition Chair for National Association of Women Artists, Inc. MA chapter and The FPAC Board of Directors.

Art and being an artist are therapy for her physically, psychologically, and spiritually. Mine NOW reflects her dual Buddhist-Catholic heritage. Her work frequently explores the relationship between humans, nature, and objects. She thinks of art as an objective homage to her Eastern and Western traditions and the raw architecture and sounds of the city—adding conflict, balance, and harmony to shape her work’s form and energy in her constant search for new noise and passion. Okumura has relationships with galleries in Manhattan, Westport, Boston, and Charleston and exhibited at Swiss Art Expo ZÜRICH, Art Metropole Europe Barcelona, Spain Urbanside Gallery, Red Dot Miami, Artexpo New York Art Fair.



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