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C.J. Lori

C.J. Lori is an oil painter living in Brookline, Massachusetts. Often called “Neo-surrealism” or “magic realism,” her paintings explore the complex relationship between humanity and the environment. “The desire to have another see through my eyes is a compelling motivation. I exaggerate or distort color, form and composition to emphasize sensations often contradictory: clarity and mystery, excitement and sorrow, beauty and decay.”

In her Trees Leaving series, she also incorporates a touch of humor. They are part homage to Magritte’s floating men in bowler hats, part ecological statement and part allegory of loss, liberation and the yearning for escape.

Ms. Lori’s artwork has been exhibited in solo and group shows throughout New England, and in New York and Chicago. She is represented by 13 Forest Gallery in Arlington, MA., and Indigo House Gallery in Duxbury, MA. 

“Nature: C. J. Lori has been painting trees and skies for decades and she never ceases to find a new way to combine the two. In “Autumn Passing”, an oil painting, she isolates a back-rock island covered with fall trees against a cerulean-hued sky with fluffy clouds. Her finely drawn leaf-bare trees, some with a few colored leaves, surround a water pond. Her symbolism is open to multiple interpretations and recalls the eerie space of Salvador Dali’s surrealism, but she never veers away from nature’s beauty.
̶̶̶ Beth Neville, writing for ArtScope Magazine, May/June, 2021.

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